From Unemployment – To Employment ,Self-Sufficiency and Well Being!

Be-Atzmi is a nonprofit social organization, which, for over two decades, has been integrating and advancing low-opportunity populations in stable and fair employment suited to their skills and aspirations.

There are over 500,000 women and men in Israel whose life circumstances and surroundings have led them to not participate in the labor force. In many instances, they have been adversely affected by ethnic, gender or age discrimination, compounded by their geographical distance from a choice of available workplaces. They are grappling with the need to improve their skill set and often need to define their professional aspirations and dare to fulfill them.

Be-Atzmi actively integrates and advances excluded groups in the job market. We develop and run long-term employment programs in over 150 locations throughout the country, catering to around 17,000 women and men every year. Our program participants include families known to social services, new immigrants from Ethiopia, members of the ultra-Orthodox community, members of the Arab sector, single mothers, and others (To read more).

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We all deserve a chance to succeed

Did you know?

That for every unemployed person who contacts the Israeli Employment Service and is entitled to unemployment benefits, there are another two unemployed persons who have not worked for a long period of time and are defined as “not participating in the labor force” – and do not even appear in the official statistics relating to unemployment in Israel. These ‘transparent’ and low-opportunity unemployed persons would like to become part of the labor force if only given the suitable tools, support and assistance to do so.
That’s precisely we do at Be-Atzmi.

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