Development and training

 Be-Atzmi constantly seeks to enhance its knowledge and professional expertise regarding job market integration, both for our own benefit and the benefit of the other organizations we work with. By developing diverse programs and interventions, in addition to devising and running trainings held in different frameworks, including at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, we continue to rigorously maintain the highest possible professional standards.

Knowledge development and management

Be-Atzmi develops and manages expert knowledge, programs and new intervention tools for a variety of underprivileged groups. We also track and analyze trends in the world of employment, evolving needs in a changing job market, and other developments. Our organizational knowledge and methodologies are managed through a state-of-the-art information system, which is used for control purposes and to oversee the professional content and aspects of our work.

Evaluation and measurement

Be-Atzmi regularly applies evaluation and measurement tools in order to examine our efficiency and determine whether we are meeting the targets set for our programs and services. External evaluation processes are implemented in various programs, in addition to internal, long-term evaluation that assesses the interventions’ effectiveness for up to four years after their conclusion.

Staff development and training

The development of our staff’s professional expertise and skills is an ongoing process at Be-Atzmi. We also guide and train other professionals from the public, nonprofit and business sectors and, together with them, promote models and initiatives to advance employment among disadvantaged population groups. Our employees teach the basics of job market integration and beyond, including the role of the occupational social worker, a profession which was first developed in Israel by Be-Atzmi.

An academic center run in cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

In collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Be-Atzmi initiated and established an academic center dedicated to occupational social work, which is engaged in research and provides employment-related training to social workers. We are also involved in trainings offered at the main school of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Welfare.