Employers that actively seek to integrate disadvantaged populations in the job market are important partners of Be-Atzmi, which caters to a wide target audience, including the Ethiopian Israeli community, ultra-Orthodox community, Arab sector, single mothers, and people over the age of 45.

Our many years of experience in helping people who have been excluded from the employment arena have proven once and again that they do not lack talent, ability or motivation. All they need is a chance.

The chance to secure stable and fair employment not only benefits the individual job seekers, but also, and no less important contributes to building an  egalitarian, open and more just society.

In the employment programs that Be-Atzmi creates and runs, participants undergo an in-depth process where they receive individual mentoring, group workshops, training and guidance – all aimed at personal development and securing employment. The participants are supported by certified and seasoned professionals who are closely familiar with the job market and employers’ needs.

There are several ways that employers can collaborate with Be-Atzmi:

  • By hiring our program graduates to work in their companies or businesses establishments
  • By offering vocational training to our program participants, adapted to market needs
  • By hosting our program participants and conducting tours for them at their place of business
  • By enabling their employees to work as volunteer mentors for our program participants in various community projects

The advantages of hiring our graduates:

  • Employers receive references from a trustworthy and recognized source: We only provide references after we are well-acquainted with the graduates’ personality traits, talents and aspirations, as well as the challenges they face. That means optimal placements and a high degree of suitability to the requirements of the position and the nature of the potential workplace.
  • They are skilled and committed individuals: The participants in our programs have undergone recent training and come to their new workplace with up-to-date skills and knowledge of the industry. Our graduates understand what is expected of them and value the opportunity they have been given.
  • Mentoring and collaboration: Graduates of Be-Atzmi employment programs continue to receive mentoring from us during the entire onboarding process, conducted in cooperation with their new employer.
  • Our nationwide presence: Be-Atzmi works in over 100 locations throughout Israel. Our nationwide presence facilitates the hiring process, job stability, and employee advancement, in addition to helping employers retain quality workers.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Diversity is founded on the belief that cultural, language and personality differences can produce a rich, creative and effective workforce tapestry, consistent with the ‘wisdom of crowds’ approach. Diversity also creates opportunities to hire excellent human capital and sustain a receptive work environment that has greater potential for innovation, which may even be a decisive factor in the company’s financial growth.

For more information, please contact Yael Rubin, Director of Employer Relations, at 972-54-599-1294 or Yael.rub@be-atzmi.org.il