Services provided to other organizations

In light of our extensive experience in establishing and operating employment programs for underprivileged populations in Israel, Be-Atzmi develops and offers a variety of employment support programs to public and nonprofit organizations that wish to expand their operations in this field. These include departments of social services, agencies that run social programs or employment initiatives, local authorities, other social change (peer) organizations, and even businesses that are interested in broadening and enhancing the services they provide to their clients.

The above services, which are based upon  Be-Atzmi’s  evidence-based methodology, are applicable, flexible and can be customized to a unique array of client needs. When providing the services, the members of our team closely gauge and monitor their quality to ensure that they adhere to the organization’s high professional standards. The service fee covers direct delivery expenses, as well as development and management costs.

The services include:

  • Orientation sessions designed to familiarize the recipient organization with the job market in Israel and trends in employment advancement as a rehabilitative tool
  • Trainings for professional teams dealing with topics such as: improving soft skills at the workplace, the exercise of rights, effective communication in the workplace, and conflict management
  • Workshops and continuing educationthat focus, for example, on new employee onboarding, job searching skills, and employment coaching for men, as well as a follow-up workshop for graduates who have found employment and need support to sustain their success
  • Individual employment coaching for the recipient organization’s clients
  • Trainings for volunteers in employment advancement
  • Retainer agreements

For more information, please contact Shirly Dayan, Director of Employment Advancement Services, at 972-52-456-6193 or