Nariman has extensive experience in managing social programs and projects, especially in the field of workforce integration. In the past, she managed the Lights to Employment program in Nazareth and was the Arab sector coordinator at the Israel Association of Community Centers. For many years, Nariman was also in charge of the Eshet Chayil program in the Arab sector. In addition to managing Rihan, her current position includes responsibility for Arab sector programs at Be-Atzmi.

Nariman has a B.A. in Human Services from Jezreel Valley College and is also a certified group facilitator.

Nariman: “Working at Be-Atzmi has given me an opportunity to become deeply familiar with Israeli society and enable the organization to view the Arab sector as an important and integral part of it. As I see it, the empowerment of Arab women is a vital need – for themselves, their families and their community.