Johnny Gal is a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare. He is the former Chairman of the Individual, Family and Community Subcommittee of the Committee to Fight Poverty (the Alaouf Committee). For seven years he was the editor of the journal Social Security, and currently serves as the head of the Social Policy Program at the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel. Gal has been involved in a range of policy processes as a member of various public committees, including committees that reviewed the Wisconsin Plan and employment policy, and also served on an advisory committee dealing with an adjusted minimum wage. His fields of research are welfare policy, social policy, social security, and social workers and policy practice.

Among his publications:  Poor Children in Israel (Hebrew, 1997); Into the Promised Land: Issues Facing the Welfare State 1995-2000 (2001); A Voluntary Burden Indeed? The Story of Dealing with Unemployment (Hebrew, 2002); Professional Ideologies and Preferences in Social Work: A Global Study (2003); Social Security in Israel (Hebrew, 2004); Social Justice in Israel (Hebrew, 2004); Access to Social Justice in Israel (Hebrew, 2009); Children, Families and Genders in Mediterranean Welfare States (2010); Policy Practice in Social Work (Hebrew, 2011); Social Workers Affecting Social Policy (2013).