Dana - be-atzmi

Dana, married with 5 children from Hadera

Today: studying to be a bookkeeper and payroll clerk

“Thanks to your support, I’ll be able to change my future.”


Dana, married with 5 children and a first-time grandmother, joined our Mifne program in July 2014. She was referred to us by her social worker after being unemployed for more than a year. Thanks to the process she underwent, Dana learned to acknowledge her strengths and abilities, became more focused, and set an achievable employment goal for herself by studying bookkeeping.

Thanks to the partial scholarship she received, Dana registered for a bookkeeping and payroll clerk course (while working temporarily as a cleaning lady) and paid for the remaining tuition on her own. She also started a computer course, in addition to signing up for a program at the Adult Education Center in Hadera to complete 12 years of schooling. Dana hopes to complete her studies and begin working as a bookkeeper. Her children and husband are very proud of the process she has undergone and fully support her.

Dana adds: “From the very first moment I came to the sessions, I received a lot of strength, encouragement, advice and guidance. The sessions helped me believe in myself and prodded me to get up and take initiative. Thanks to your support, I’ll be able to change my future.”