Zinab - be-atzmi

Zinab, married with 7 children from Nazareth

Today: studying to be a hairdresser and opening her own salon

“My name is Zinab and I’m from Nazareth. I’m a Muslim and the mother of seven children. For years, I stayed at home, was without a job and was unemployed. My life was very limited in scope and entailed raising the kids and taking care of the house. I was referred to the program by my social worker.”

“The program totally changed my life, empowered me, boosted my strengths, and gave new meaning to my life. And, for the first time, I felt I was a strong, confident and capable woman. The program helped me get to know myself and uncover my inner strengths. It also had a positive impact on my children – all thanks to the workshops, the facilitator, and the professional coordinator who led the program.”

“The program enabled me to take a hairdressing course at the school of my choice, and today I’m about to open my own beauty salon. The program also referred me to MATI (a small business development center) where I received coaching and support that helped me lay the cornerstone of my future and that of my family. I thank you for your assistance and for your contribution to the change in my life.”