Aryeh - be-atzmi

Aryeh, remarried with 5 children from Adora

Today: working in construction.

“If I managed to get out of that vicious circle, there’s no reason you can’t either.”


Sometimes the crisis is so deep, that you don’t know where to start…
After many years of an alcohol addiction, Aryeh managed to kick the habit on his own a few years ago and tried to put his life back together. But more problems came his way: as a result of his divorce, he acquired a lot of debt that led to foreclosures, including the revocation of his driver’s license. After that – he was evicted from his home. Aryeh tried to make a living as a handyman, which he had done before, and would go from nearby town to town looking for odd jobs. But due to the lack of a stable income, he simply couldn’t repay his debts.

When Aryeh joined our employment program, he could see no way out of his predicament. When we conducted an employment assessment, we learned that Aryeh wanted to work in construction, which he was familiar with and liked ever since childhood and had considerable previous experience in. However, during the program, Aryeh also realized that it was important to make a change in the type of work he did, and that he had to find a job that would give him a stable income and enable him to get out of the vicious circle he found himself in. He also understood that the time had come to face his creditors directly…

So, for the first time, Aryeh dealt with his debts and sought legal aid to help him settle them through debtors court. After he reached a debt repayment agreement, he was able to reapply for a driver’s license.

With assistance from the Be-Atzmi coordinator, Aryeh began looking for stable employment. He ultimately found what he wanted – a permanent job at a fair workplace in the construction industry. Aryeh also intends to take a foreman’s course.

Aryeh is happy. He has hope and purpose. He is able to picture himself as a foreman at a large company with a good salary. His self-esteem has improved, and the way that others perceive him has also changed for the better. One indication is that the community he lives in asked him to light a torch on Independence Day! Everyone admires how far he has come and the progress he has made. In his dreams, Aryeh envisions himself the owner of a family business, working together with his sons.

The message that Aryeh wishes to convey is: “If I managed to get out of that vicious circle, there’s no reason you can’t either.”