Sharona - be-atzmi


Sharona, married from Hadera.

Today: a rehabilitation counselor for people with mental illness  and studying to be a group facilitator

“You gave me the opportunity, the ability to see clearly, to get up and take initiative, always push forward, and realize that I’m capable.”


Sharona joined our Mifne program in Hadera in 2013 after being unemployed for around 18 months. When in her twenties, she had tried her hand at working in call centers, in sales, and as a cashier. She worked for short periods in part-time positions, but did not have a stable job or income.

Sharona came the program after separating from her husband. Her self-esteem was low and her dream was to work with people. Sharona joined the group, and from week to week opened up and made progress. She bought an appointment book, advertised herself as a babysitter, and began working with children in after school facilities. She also worked as a matriculation exam proctor.

At a meeting held between Mifne participants and graduates, one of the graduates described her job at a hostel for mentally ill persons. Sharona approached her and she was the one who suggested that Sharona submit her resume. Sharona passed the interviews and was offered a job. She initially worked part time as a rehab counselor for people with a psychiatric disability. It was the first time she had a stable job and was giving from herself to others, just like she had dreamt of doing. After gaining more professional experience, Sharona currently has a full-time position as a rehab counselor. Her appointment book is full, and the residents she works with admire and appreciate what she does. The members of the staff at her workplace praise her success, and Sharona continues to grow and flourish.

Sharona also belongs to the lead team in Neshot – which is an employment leadership group that Mifne graduates in Hadera established, promote and run with help from Be-Atzmi.

Sharona adds: “I thank you for identifying my abilities and strengths, and for giving me the opportunity and this precious gift – the ability to see clearly and to get up and take initiative. At every session, there was a kind word, a smile, advice, assistance and support, always pushing forward and realizing that I’m capable. And to the women in the group, my amazing friends, to each and every one of you, I simply say thank you.”