Asmaro - be-atzmi

Asmaro, married with 7 children from Rosh HaAyin

Today: a bus driver

“After years of searching, I’ve acquired a profession where I feel complete and respected.”


Asmaro joined the Employment Empowerment program in Rosh HaAyin in 2012.

Before starting the program, he was working as a security guard with no career horizon and for a minimum wage.

An assessment of his employment situation indicated the need for a stable profession, with possibilities for advancement and a fair wage that is commensurate with his skills. Following that process, Asmaro realized that his employment dream was to be a bus driver.

With that dream in mind, Asmaro set out on his journey. As part of the program, he received a basket of services that helped him find a job. He also received funding to take a course where he could learn to drive a public passenger vehicle.

Because he is new immigrant from Ethiopia, Asmaro had to contend with language and computer-related barriers during his driving theory studies. He also faced other significant difficulties on the road to obtaining the coveted license. Asmaro received hands-on assistance from the program staff, together with an employment trustee volunteer (from the Department of Community Development in Rosh HaAyin), who helped him overcome those difficulties, pass the tests and achieve employment rehabilitation.

Because he is very determined person, Asmaro studied day and night for the driving theory tests. He had undertaken a commitment whose outcome was not altogether obvious, and the same holds true for the driving test. Nothing was easy, but Asmaro understood that he’d been given a rare opportunity and decided to seize it.

Asmaro underwent a prolonged personal and employment process. He admits that without the assistance and the confidence he built, he would have given up. The program is what enabled him to fulfill his dream.