Avraham - be-atzmi

Avraham, married with 3 children from Moshav Ma’on

Today: a physical fitness instructor for special education students.

“Thank God for the good He has blessed me with, and may He reward His messengers who helped me along the way.”


Since coming to Israel a few years ago, Avraham did not find his employment niche and worked at odd jobs. He also studied to be a physical fitness instructor, but didn’t finish the course.

Avraham joined the Employment Empowerment program in 2013. At the time he was working at a local grocery store, earning a low wage. To supplement his income, he milked cows at a nearby farm. At no point in his life did he stop to think about what he wanted to be and how to build his professional life. Avraham came to the program with the intention of defining a career path and channeling his efforts in that direction.

During the program, Avraham felt the need to finish the fitness instructor course he had previously started. He admits that his life was always about starting and not finishing things. So the first goal he set for himself was to complete the course and, at least in the short term, find work at a gym.

Assisted by Be-Atzmi’s program, Avraham successfully completed the course – which was an accomplishment that boosted his self-confidence. He proved to himself that he is capable of finishing something. And then came an employment opportunity which, thanks to the program, he dared to seize. He received a call from an acquaintance who offered him a job in special education in Jerusalem. The fact that he was a certified fitness instructor was an added advantage. Avraham began working with ultra-Orthodox children with special needs at different schools, where he also served as a fitness instructor. He increased his income and, for the first time since coming to Israel, liked his job.

After gaining experience in the school system, Avraham decided to take another step and become a certified teacher. The tuition is paid for by the basket of services he receives through Employment Empowerment, and he continues to work in special education and as a fitness instructor in Jerusalem. Because he also wants to work as a self-employed fitness instructor in the afternoon, Avraham decided to open a gymnastics class for children in the community where he lives. He approached the woman in charge of after school programs at the local council, who agreed to advertise his class in the coming school year.

According to Avraham, the program gave him the courage and resolve to make a change and commit to something. He has many more dreams and faith in himself that he will manage to fulfill them.